Saturday, June 27, 2009

NEVER a dull moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...we had a near tradgedy on the MillerMF tonight. As you know we had ducklings hatch a little over a month ago. Because the momma's hatched babies out so early they decided they would do it again. There were two momma's setting on eggs (Gretchen and Fanny). All of the sudden about a week and a half ago (TOTAL incubation is 28 days) Fanny decided to stop setting. This apparently happens sometimes for no reason. We decided to let nature take its course and that we were not going to force her to do this duty.

ANYHOW, tonight when we were doing some work out there I asked Tedd if he would help me gather all of the eggs that were all over, the ones that she had decided to leave. We would throw them out in the field before they started to stink (lol...rotton eggs). So we took about 12 eggs out to the field and right as I took the first one in my hand to throw it far into the field, i screamed "WAIT!!!" I just felt something. I put the egg to my ear...and sure enough I could hear chirping and pipping (this is the noise that ducklings start to make when they are tapping the shell to come out). WHAT!?! We listened to them...and they are all at this point still alive! We have NO idea, other than it being hot outside lately, how these eggs would have survived having no mother to regulate their temperature and warmth. But so far they have. This is really amazing to me. Anyway the scary part is, we almost threw them all out!!! We plan to put the eggs in shavings with a heat lamp and pray for the best. Who knows if any of them will actually make it but...todays life lesson is...


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