Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miller Mini Farm Updates

So we thought it was finally time to update you on a few of the MillerMiniFarm residents! This first shot is from the barn looking at the house and Amos's fence...this is where you'll usually find him on nice days!

Speaking of Amos, here he is with HIS watering became his after the spout broke off and I gave it to him...he is SO proud of it and carries it around the yard everywhere!

Here is one of our FR (Free Range) chickens. Shes hanging out in the barn and when I found her she wanted to go on a lawn mower ride!
The chickens are honestly so much fun to have and watch. There is never a dull moment. Imagine our surprise when we couldn't find their eggs in the normal places...then we found they had made a "nest" in the LAWN SWEEPER. At least we found them!

Yesterday I went to the swap meet! Its a very exciting place with lots to look at and Lots of tempting critters to buy. Before our little building burnt down my favorite little chicken was "Ollie". He unfortunately did not make it out of the fire :(. However, Ollie was a Golden Polish Rooster. Yesterday at the swap meet I FINALLY found a Polish breeder who has lots and lots of them! (He was the only one out of hundreds) So he sold me a very beautiful pair (male and female) of Golden Polish chicks! They are an ornamental chicken, so basically just for fun. Trust me if you think they have funny "hair" now wait until a few more months passes. They are so much fun, we named them "Elvis" and "Elvira" :)

Looks like they're about to kiss! LOL

Remember those TINY ducklings about four weeks ago. Well here they are now...almost all grown up. They look kind of funny because they are getting their feathers but they will be floating in the pool with the adults before we know it!


  1. Love the new chick addition...AND their hair!! Where is the swamp meet at??? Around often??? Might be fun to take the kiddos to??

  2. Danielle, first although I know it was just a typo i have to point out that luckily its not a "swamp" meet LOL...i do not know why thats so funny. Anyway, its in kimmel, not far off 33. They have all kinds of guns, animals, birds, and lots of garage-sale-ish like junk. It costs $4 per car (so pretty cheap) and the next ones are July 11th and Aug. 15th. You can find lots of stuff but its a VERY busy place...lots of people! But its a ton of fun.