Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flowers and "Foto" ops

I spent a good part of the day planting flowers in front of our house (I waited until Annuals were 50% off)

This is my FAV chickens "Leggy". She is one of the originals, and she has SUCH a personality. I started taking pics and she ran right up to pose for a pic. Of course she follows us everywhere, I think she'd jump in the car if we let her lol

A few of the duckies wanted their picture taken too tonight. They even got out of the pool to see what it was I had in my hands.

This is a pic of most of the front porch. Our grass where we ripped up all of those old ugly overgrown bushes is officially in and has been mowed for the first time. We've still got lots of ideas for the front porch (including a porch swing!) but if you saw it before...this is an improvement~
Wow 2 posts in a week...Thats AMAZING for me!

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