Friday, June 5, 2009

Egg Candling

The three ducklings are growing very rapidly. We thought three ducklings to add into the minifarm was a GREAT number. Well we had no idea (every single day is a learning experience lol) that if ducks laid and hatched babies very early in the spring like ours did that they can do it twice in one year! Gretchen and Fanny have both been working hard laying second nests. They started setting on Tuesday. They have a 28 day incubation period and tonight we candled eggs. We only candled the eggs under one duck. We gently pulled her off her nest and counted ten eggs. We gently put each one above the light...and EACH one was fertile. When the light shines through a fertile egg you can see tiny blood vessels all throughout the egg. How amazing! God never ceases to amaze us with his miracles here on the millerminifarm. It is truly mesmerizing to see how the live quacking ducklings start out as a tiny dot with blood vessels haha. You probably all think were Kooky but we think its pretty neat. I hope to get a good picture or two to show of their development. Fun times.
P.S. if you know anyone who wants miniature ducks for outside pets...let me know in case we have quie a few!

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