Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Busy

So by now I've figured out that I'm not the best at blogging lol. I have got WAY too much stuff on my mind I guess, but when I think about it I really do enjoy it! So an update on whats going on around here...
Tedd is "kind of" back to work for a different company but the job is not in full swing yet so its not exactly steady work, but still better than nothing, so that is exciting. Oh and Dad is back to work, he started today (yay Tedd and Dad!)
It will for sure be another crazy week around here and on the mini farm! After working all day, I drove straight to Huntington to give a speech to a Therapy Dog Group. I spoke on Emergency First Aid (for Dogs of course) I think people liked it and I feel like they learned quite a bit they did not know, so thats good! I had a lot of good questions afterward. Amos has Agility Class tomorrow night, I have a Spanish class Thursday night. Saturday we will be spending most of the day at the Swap Meet (SOOO much fun), that p.m. is my sis's b-day celebration, and Sunday is Church and Amos's Birthday Party. Umm...yes we ARE having a 1st birthday party for our dog, he's like our child haha. All of his little doggie friends are invited. We are having it at his training center, where they have about 7 acres fenced in...they will have a ball!
Unfortunately though I also have some bad news, my great Aunt (Auntie Mac) died today :(. She was a special person to me during my life (she had no children and her husband died years ago). Auntie Mac could be quite foward and was not afraid to say anything to you. In my early teen years I went to visit her, and she said something that hurt my feelings VERY much. For years I would not go see her, and I held a grudge. Just recently (before she got sick) I decided that enough was enough, it was time to make amends and get back into each others lives. I went to see her, we caught up, and I apologized. Since then I have went to see her almost weekly. I just went and saw her this last Friday (3 days ago). There are many emotions are going through my mind and heart. There is definately regret, for holding grudges, and for missing out on years of what could have been a better relationship.
BUT, I have to say although I'm sad I really am thanking God right now. I know that it was God who helped me to go that first day to see her again and apologize. I prayed before I went in that first day, for him to give me the words to speak. He definately delivered. I am SO happy that I have a God like that. Because of him, in the past few months Auntie Mac and I reminiced about all of the fun times when she would babysit me when I was younger, we talked about my life now, and most of all we told each other many many times that we loved each other.
I left her room Friday after telling her that I loved her, and I thank God for that. I know that she is in a better place now and I know that God knew I needed to mend those bridges with her.
The other part of this is to encourage you to mend broken ties with those you care about. So many times we hold silly grudges, we say things we don't mean, or we simply DON't tell someone we love them or care about them. It is so important to do this, you never know what will happen in life and you would regret it if you did not.
Lastly, please keep our family in your prayers this week during viewing and funeral arrangements. And thank God that Auntie Mac is out of pain and with the Lord now.


  1. I'll be praying for you guys this week! I'm glad that you listened to God and made ammends! That has to feel good!

  2. We'll be praying for all of you. Isn't God great. Even in the bad or sad times he holds us up. It's great to know you were listening to him and obeyed that still small voice. Its amazing how He leads us if we will only follow. Love all of you and will be praying,.