Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Bliss

Wow what beautiful days the Lord has blessed us with! Things are going well around here on the Miller Mini Farm. We've been very busy (too busy to be on the computer lol) outside tending to flowers, newly planted grass, newly hatched baby ducks and chickens, and so on.

Amos was as Puppy Day Care today where they worked on some of his "issues", its going to be a long haul but we are ready to do what it takes for him to be happy. I had two days off in a row...AWESOME!

Our biggest project for yesterday was the duck enclosure. We built them a fenced in area so that they could simply go in and out of their barn as they pleased. We had pea gravel delivered, which is what we used to cover the ground and cut down on so much of the "ick" lol. We also purchased them a "kiddy pool". Let me just say they LOVE it! They act like they are swimming on a giant lake :). The first pic is "Leggy", one of our free range chickens. She kept coming across the yard and walking into the fenced in area while tedd was working. She was very interested in his progress.

Next pic is the rapidly growing baby ducks. They are doing very well and are growing like weeds. Its been so much fun to watch them waddle and grow. The last pic is a few of the ducks swimming in the new pool!

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