Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful Tuesday!

The rainy Tuesday streak has been broken!! Finally a nice day off, and let me tell you I've been soaking it up so far. I vowed that if I had a nice day off I would not do ANY housework inside I would just stay outside!

Yesterday we got rid of many of our adult chickens because they were eating their eggs (see earlier blogs). We tried EVERYTHING that anyone knew to try and it didn't work. So we kept 4 of our best chickens to free range and Tedd took the rest to their appointment:(. It was sad and I felt bad because we had raised them from day old chicks, but we just couldn't afford to feed them if they weren't giving us any eggs at all. The four "free-rangers" have been out having the time of their lives for days now and are still laying eggs for us so thats good!

This morning I spent the entire morning cleaning out the barn. It was tough work but it now looks great (the areas I got to). And Tedd finished my new clothesline, while Amos VERY happily ran around and played in his fence (a life saver lol).
Chain' o Lakes sounded appealing so we loaded the pooch and spent a few hours there walking the trails and letting Amos play in the water...what fun :)
I can not thank the Lord enough for this much needed sunshine that I've gotten so far today! The best part is somehow I also have tomorrow off and while its raining I can catch up inside the house on all of the things I refuse to do today:)
Off to make supper and take Amos to his first night of "Agility 4"...

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