Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My June Challenge!

Ok so I have been inspired by Megan's "30 Day work out challenge". My weight AND my excercise and eating habits have fluctuated drastically all over the board over the past 4 years. I do great some days and horrible others. I have a goal that someday I will reach a very happy medium, although I realize this is an area that I will probably always struggle with.
Anyway, I have decided that maybe if I blog about it and I have you all to hold me accountable I will get off my tush and take some action. My challenge to myself is to eat healthier and to exercise every single day from tomorrow morning until the last day in June. Tomorrow Morning is Day 1!! The great part is I LOVE to walk and so does my puppy Amos. AND...I have some vacation days tomorrow thru Sunday, so I can try to start a great habit four days in a row...Pray for me!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Bliss

Wow what beautiful days the Lord has blessed us with! Things are going well around here on the Miller Mini Farm. We've been very busy (too busy to be on the computer lol) outside tending to flowers, newly planted grass, newly hatched baby ducks and chickens, and so on.

Amos was as Puppy Day Care today where they worked on some of his "issues", its going to be a long haul but we are ready to do what it takes for him to be happy. I had two days off in a row...AWESOME!

Our biggest project for yesterday was the duck enclosure. We built them a fenced in area so that they could simply go in and out of their barn as they pleased. We had pea gravel delivered, which is what we used to cover the ground and cut down on so much of the "ick" lol. We also purchased them a "kiddy pool". Let me just say they LOVE it! They act like they are swimming on a giant lake :). The first pic is "Leggy", one of our free range chickens. She kept coming across the yard and walking into the fenced in area while tedd was working. She was very interested in his progress.

Next pic is the rapidly growing baby ducks. They are doing very well and are growing like weeds. Its been so much fun to watch them waddle and grow. The last pic is a few of the ducks swimming in the new pool!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NO TV!!!

Two months ago Tedd and I completely removed our TV from our living room. We rolled up the cords, boxed up the converter, and said goodbye. I never wanted to have a TV to begin with but we got one anyway. I have said many times that I could have been born Amish lol. Anyway this is one of the best decisions we have made in our home thus far.

Many of you, if not all of you, probably think that its not a big deal because you don't watch much TV anyway. You're in denial lol If you ACTUALLY kept track of how long the television was on each day in your home, you would be surprised. In MY opinion, not to say it needs to be yours, TV is useless. Years ago before TV's were in 99% of American homes, what did people do? They talked, read scripture, visited with neighbors, they played board games, the children played outside, they ate around the table, and they worked around their homes.

Today, the average American watches 4 hours of TV a day...A DAY!!! 66% of Americans have more than 3 televisions in their homes. Children spend 900 hours in school each year, and 1500 hours watching television. This is so sad to me. During a sermon our pastor pointed out that the average person will spend (brace yourself) NINE YEARS of their life watching television. WOW...aren't there much more rewarding things we could be doing with our lives than being glued to the television?

I by no means think that TV should be banned or that people who have a TV are lazy or bad. I think that for most people the best plan is strict time stipulations. Set a timer and only let your family watch LIMITED amounts of TV. Think of all of the exposure to violence, sex and crime. I am appalled at the mere audacity of certain television shows, especially when they "Bash" God. Jesus called us to live "in the world, but not of the world" I don't think we should completely shut ourselves off from the world. Go to an Internet news site, listen to the radio, or communicate with the people around you. Surrounding yourself (by watching) with profane language and bad morals does no one any good.

Everyone is different but this has sure made a difference in our lives!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This morning when we checked under the momma ducks we saw two cracked. After church we were pretty sure the one baby died trying to get out (which we are pretty sure it has). But when we lifted the second duck off her nest, there among the other eggs sat this ADORABLE little duckling. I am holding it in the palm of my hand and it is TINY. Its probably the cutest thing i've seen forever. And today this duckling (on Mother's Day no less lol) is the very first baby to ever be born on the Miller Mini Farm. How fun! We have at least two more eggs that are chirping and waiting for their birthdays to arrive. If anyone wants to come visit them, I encourage you to come soon. Because this breed of ducks are miniature, they are almost full size by ONE month of age.

And P.S. to all the mothers of real human children...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! And thank you for all of your hard work!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Book

For probably the past 3 years or more I have felt the "need" to write something. I'm not sure why I have felt this way. I am definately not a writer. I'm not even an avid reader like my husband. Tedd frequents the library, and in one Sunday afternoon he can turn the pages of a novel like they're on fire. He has read no less than 70 books and novels since we've been married for a little over one year. (Thank the Lord for free Library Rentals!!)

Anyway, I've been telling Tedd more often lately for some reason I feel the need to write a book. Wierd I know, but I guess if the Lord wants me to write something I should do it. Maybe it will turn into a small article, maybe it will turn into a novel, or maybe when I start writing God just wants to open my eyes to something that he c an't get through to me otherwise. Whatever the reason it must be important.

SO as odd as this is to me, I ask for your prayers that God lead my head, hands and heart in the direction that would be pleasing to him. Has anyone else been called to do something they felt at first was a little odd??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful Tuesday!

The rainy Tuesday streak has been broken!! Finally a nice day off, and let me tell you I've been soaking it up so far. I vowed that if I had a nice day off I would not do ANY housework inside I would just stay outside!

Yesterday we got rid of many of our adult chickens because they were eating their eggs (see earlier blogs). We tried EVERYTHING that anyone knew to try and it didn't work. So we kept 4 of our best chickens to free range and Tedd took the rest to their appointment:(. It was sad and I felt bad because we had raised them from day old chicks, but we just couldn't afford to feed them if they weren't giving us any eggs at all. The four "free-rangers" have been out having the time of their lives for days now and are still laying eggs for us so thats good!

This morning I spent the entire morning cleaning out the barn. It was tough work but it now looks great (the areas I got to). And Tedd finished my new clothesline, while Amos VERY happily ran around and played in his fence (a life saver lol).
Chain' o Lakes sounded appealing so we loaded the pooch and spent a few hours there walking the trails and letting Amos play in the water...what fun :)
I can not thank the Lord enough for this much needed sunshine that I've gotten so far today! The best part is somehow I also have tomorrow off and while its raining I can catch up inside the house on all of the things I refuse to do today:)
Off to make supper and take Amos to his first night of "Agility 4"...

Friday, May 1, 2009

So THATS what happened!?!

Just a little something to hopefully make you laugh today. Happy Friday!

Notice his beverage of choice?