Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh how I love Tuesdays!
Tuesdays are my day off. I work 10 hour days so that gives me at least my one weekday off. Its very nice and always a relief. It gives me an entire day to clean my house, run errands, keep up things outside (unless its raining like the past 3 weeks) spend some time with Tedd and the animals etc. After working around the house this morning I went and got my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed (much needed!), and then I went to see my Auntie Mac.
I've been doing a lot of praying and searching in the past few months and God is speaking to me in more than one way.
Yesterday I wrote about how after Tedd and I had been discussing our charitable giving and tithing... our pastor did an entire sermon on it. Today, as I was doing laundrey and going about my duties I turned on WBCL to midmorning. Once again that was what the entire hour was about was "giving". I know that God is trying to give us a message and I thank him for that. Its sometimes funny though how blind we can be without him really throwing things in front of our face until we can no longer ignore it.

About Auntie Mac, she's my great-great aunt. I am mending a long overdue relationship with her and I did not know how it was going to be. I was scared to be honest, that because I had neglected to see her for so long that she would be mad at me. I should have known that God would take care of it, but I guess I'm human and I had trouble trusting him. Today was only the second week I've gone to see her, but you know what? I am really glad I'm doing it. I made her cookies and took them to her and I really had a good time. I only hope I can bring a little joy into her life, and that the Lord can speak through me, to her. *Pray* :)

One more random thing: Our dog Amos is graduating from Agility3 tonight. Silly I know, but we don't have any children yet and we all (Amos, Tedd and I) all have so much fun every week.

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