Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exciting Day!

Our fence is amazing! Amos is finally able to run around until his heart content off-leash. We ALL love it!
We also have a new addition to the Miller Mini Farm...8 Golden comet chicks! They are all pullets, which for you non-chickeners means young hens. Golden comet hens are supposed to be gentle and lay large brown eggs...we'll see how we like them. They are patiently awaiting their future roomates (the soon-to-hatch baby ducks). We plan to brood them together until they are adults. Baby chicks are a lot of work (mostly strict temp. regulation) but since we will soon be getting rid of most of our original chickens we were ready for a new challenge.
My wonderful (and patient) husband also helped me paint our dining room today. Soon after we got married I painted it what I thought would be a very bright cheery yellow. With the lighting in the house it ended up feeling like you were in a giant box of bananas LOL. I should have re-painted it the very next day since i didn't like it but I felt guilty and didn't. So I woke up this A.M. with no such plans and at about 10 A.M. I decided today was the day to change it. We painted it the same pretty tan color as our living room and are already way happier with it than the yellow.
I will post pics of the new chickadees and fence tonight!!!

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