Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Although its a dreery day, we've decided to work outside anyway! We planted more grass, pulled more weeds in the flower beds, I leveled out the newly tilled garden (thanks Dad), and we planted our potatoes. One of my new hanging plants fell and broke the basket it was in so i transplanted it to just a normal pot. My wonderful hubby went after the pot got broken yesterday and bought some new hanging plants for me:) Yay! We have been working very hard outside and can't wait to see the finished product when we are finally done.
We are still patiently awaiting the completion of our new fence, when we can FINALLY put the very hyper dog outside for a few hours here and there. He is like a permanent two year old who had ADD lol.
Anyone else finding that when you work outside so much the INSIDE of your house really suffers? I guess thats just part of life.

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  1. Ohh to funny about the comment about AMos..Poor puppy just wants out to play!! Yep I hear ya abotu the inside suffering when we play outside...we had play catch up on Monday around here from all the weekend FUN!