Thursday, April 30, 2009

The pictures I promised!

First this is Gretchen and Fanny trying to both sit in the same nest. They look huge in this pic but they are actually less than 2 pounds:)

Also some pics of Tedd and Amos in the new fence!

Next is a few of the cute new baby chicks, Golden Comets.

Exciting Day!

Our fence is amazing! Amos is finally able to run around until his heart content off-leash. We ALL love it!
We also have a new addition to the Miller Mini Farm...8 Golden comet chicks! They are all pullets, which for you non-chickeners means young hens. Golden comet hens are supposed to be gentle and lay large brown eggs...we'll see how we like them. They are patiently awaiting their future roomates (the soon-to-hatch baby ducks). We plan to brood them together until they are adults. Baby chicks are a lot of work (mostly strict temp. regulation) but since we will soon be getting rid of most of our original chickens we were ready for a new challenge.
My wonderful (and patient) husband also helped me paint our dining room today. Soon after we got married I painted it what I thought would be a very bright cheery yellow. With the lighting in the house it ended up feeling like you were in a giant box of bananas LOL. I should have re-painted it the very next day since i didn't like it but I felt guilty and didn't. So I woke up this A.M. with no such plans and at about 10 A.M. I decided today was the day to change it. We painted it the same pretty tan color as our living room and are already way happier with it than the yellow.
I will post pics of the new chickadees and fence tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Although its a dreery day, we've decided to work outside anyway! We planted more grass, pulled more weeds in the flower beds, I leveled out the newly tilled garden (thanks Dad), and we planted our potatoes. One of my new hanging plants fell and broke the basket it was in so i transplanted it to just a normal pot. My wonderful hubby went after the pot got broken yesterday and bought some new hanging plants for me:) Yay! We have been working very hard outside and can't wait to see the finished product when we are finally done.
We are still patiently awaiting the completion of our new fence, when we can FINALLY put the very hyper dog outside for a few hours here and there. He is like a permanent two year old who had ADD lol.
Anyone else finding that when you work outside so much the INSIDE of your house really suffers? I guess thats just part of life.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

Every single day I've had off lately it has rained, and every day that I have to work...its beautiful. So today after church I was SOAKing up the warm amazing weather! I mowed a large part of our yard and got a little sunburn but I need some color so thats good! We are doing a MAJOR overhaul on the landscaping around here so you will probably see many pics of that. Its very exciting for us to be able to start making progress. We also met Mom and Dad Miller as well as Grandma Miller for supper tonight, it was a lot of fun!

Here are some pics of my new hanging flowers for the front porch as well as my cherry tomatos that I planted in an old metal wash tub:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Attack Rooster

Mean buff cochin rooster image by WeLoveTheChicks on Photobucket
Let me just tell you how my day went...I can sum up the entire mantra of the day by saying one thing.
I honest to goodness got attacked by a rooster today while on a farm call. LOL
Anyway Tedd and I have finally decided to get rid of our chickens (except for 2). We have tried EVERYTHING to get them to stop mutilating their own eggs and nothing has worked and we honestly can't afford to feed them if they are not laying eggs. So its sad but I fear they will soon be gone. We do plan to get new ones, but probably not very soon.

On a happier note, Tedd got a lot done outside today. He built me new clothesline poles, re-bordered my new flower beds, built saw horses, and cleaned up some of the old shed. YAY Tedd!

We have a new interviewing DVM tomorrow and Friday. Pray that it all goes well and that the right decision is made.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh how I love Tuesdays!
Tuesdays are my day off. I work 10 hour days so that gives me at least my one weekday off. Its very nice and always a relief. It gives me an entire day to clean my house, run errands, keep up things outside (unless its raining like the past 3 weeks) spend some time with Tedd and the animals etc. After working around the house this morning I went and got my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed (much needed!), and then I went to see my Auntie Mac.
I've been doing a lot of praying and searching in the past few months and God is speaking to me in more than one way.
Yesterday I wrote about how after Tedd and I had been discussing our charitable giving and tithing... our pastor did an entire sermon on it. Today, as I was doing laundrey and going about my duties I turned on WBCL to midmorning. Once again that was what the entire hour was about was "giving". I know that God is trying to give us a message and I thank him for that. Its sometimes funny though how blind we can be without him really throwing things in front of our face until we can no longer ignore it.

About Auntie Mac, she's my great-great aunt. I am mending a long overdue relationship with her and I did not know how it was going to be. I was scared to be honest, that because I had neglected to see her for so long that she would be mad at me. I should have known that God would take care of it, but I guess I'm human and I had trouble trusting him. Today was only the second week I've gone to see her, but you know what? I am really glad I'm doing it. I made her cookies and took them to her and I really had a good time. I only hope I can bring a little joy into her life, and that the Lord can speak through me, to her. *Pray* :)

One more random thing: Our dog Amos is graduating from Agility3 tonight. Silly I know, but we don't have any children yet and we all (Amos, Tedd and I) all have so much fun every week.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So Tedd and I just got done getting groceries...SO expensive!
Anyway, they marked the utility lines which means our fence is coming soon, YAY.
And tomorrow Amos graduates from Agility 3, what a smart super-puppy he is lol.

Tedd and I are reading "your money map" right now (affiliated with crown financial ministries), its a very good book but so challenging. Money managing can be hard especially when he is laid off. I guess we have to turn it all over to God and trust that he will provide. Another thing that we have been deeply discussing is our "giving". We have been trying to figure out what the Lord wants us to do, what percentage to give. Then (the Lord really is amazing) our pastor did an entire sermon on it this week. God does speak to us when he thinks we need a slap in the face eh? lol

Let me bring up one more fun finding. A few weeks ago on "Midmornings" on WBCL they talked about dryer balls. These small plastic balls (about the size of a tennis ball) that you put in with each load in the dryer. Apparently these little multi-use balls not only fluff your clothes naturally but also cut drying time by massive amounts. I bought a two pack at Wal-mart tonight for about $5. I am very excited to try them tomorrow on my day off while doing laundrey. If they work and cut drying time I would say it would be well worth it. I'll let you know.

Friday, April 17, 2009

<--I Can't Wait for Summer! (A pic of my scarecrow last year:))

Whew what a day! I am becoming quickly exhausted lol. Today I worked all day, and then we met Mom and Dad Miller in Ft. Wayne and had supper at O'Charley's. It was very good! We had a very good time. Although the food was good and we had fun talking, our waitress was terribly overbearing. I promise she honestly came to our table no less than 50 times asking us if she could take plates, if we needed refills (even when all four of our drinks were FULL) . She definately needed more things to do...she should come to my house and clean LOL.
Anyway, Tedd spent time working on the barn today and he removed my clothesline poles so that he can move them.
After work tomorrow we're going to visit with some friends who have a new addition and I'll post pics of them then!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exciting Stuff

So had to share a fun little tidbit. Tonight Tedd and I went out and candled the duck eggs in the "call duck's" nest and they are fertile!!! So if things go as planned and the girls do what they're supposed to we will have ducklings very soon:) I'm super excited! Oh and by the way we now have internet at home...again very exciting. This is the first thing we have done on our new internet:)
By the way...this is our little Amos:) Oh my I love him!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ooo...our first post how exciting lol. Tedd and I have been trying to be as productive as possible and doing quite a bit of "landscaping" around the house which right now has just meant pulling out lots of large ugly bushes and picking up lots of large ugly rocks :) . I am very excited to get it all done and see the finished product.
We also found out that Amos's fence will most likely be put in next week!!!! Its a very exciting thing for us. Things are very busy and there is never a dull moment.
Gretchen (the duck) is also setting on a nest of about 9 eggs so we are hoping (cross your fingers) that she will hatch them out!!